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New Year, New Mindset?

I have been struggling with not being able to move & develop enough forward momentum that inertia takes over and I’m steadily progressing so I journaled about it over the weekend.   This is what it looked like:  ‘How are you?’ should be a SIMPLE question to answer, but today it doesn’t feel like it.  In all honesty, I do not know how I am. I have no frame of reference.  I know WHO I am.  I am a Divine Daughter of God.  I guess how I am is the natural progression of who I am. So, how am I? I am Favored.  I am Blessed.  I am guided. I am redeemed.  I am eternal.  I am Light.  I am held in peace. I am striving to be GRACEful in all I do and say to myself and those in my world.’  I now need to go record that to play and hear with my daily affirmations. I NEED some SERIOUSLY strong reminders to pull me out of the muck each day/ moment I feel it tugging me back down and remembering that the states of grace people like Job, Jonah, Daniel, Moses & Mary all found themselves in were NOT

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