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You’re Right, It is too MUCH- but YOU got this!

I love you in spite of the miles, years and separation so I have to say these things:  I have got to tell you that, if you don’t already know,   this is one of the ‘Come to Jesus’/ ‘Save Yourself or Sink Together’ phases/ moments of your life that WILL define the current trajectory of your life.   Life is not sustainable like this.      I beg you to consider which hard choices you are willing to make, even if you’re not certain you’re able.  We often feel obligated to our family or friends when they swoop in and save us from unsavory situations, but you’re no long-term good to anyone if you can’t hold it together.  You have to put your oxygen mask on first.   Relationships seem like our saving graces in life,    but don’t be afraid to create physical separation if that is what you need to make the changes you need to thrive.    True relationships will survive and be even BETTER if you are able to show up for yourself without daily struggle.     IF the relationship falls apart, it’s OK-

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